24 January 2015

Calm Cat

I'm back again with my fist DT project of the year, so happy 2015 everyone!
Along with lots of you, I have a few goals that I want to achieve this year...pushing myself into getting better at things I'm scared of! One of those is embracing my own handwriting. Hate it, think it looks rubbish....which is precisely why I need to do it more! My creation today has handwriting on, and more than a little washi tape! Another 'goal' - use up my stash!
Here it is...
I've got lots of step by step pictures for you to look at....
Going along with the theme of 'use what you have', my substrate for this page is something I'm sure you all recognise...
A good coat of gesso later and you're all ready to start..
Gather up your washi tape, any colours and designs, the more the merrier! Tear strips, and then start to add them to the page.
Save even the tiniest ripped bits, as you can use them at the end to fill in any gaps. Create a colourful washi background...
Now, I'm going to be adding lots of wet media on top of the tape, so it really needs to be all sealed. I have given the whole thing a thick coat of clear gesso...
I used a thick coat because I wanted to scribe into it, creating more texture...
The thick coat means it dries a little more opaque than a thin coat would, but once dry it is pretty much clear!
As a comparison, the pic below shows a before and after...
   No gesso..............................Dried clear gesso!

The gesso gives a great 'tooth' for the media you are about to start layering up!
Add a bit of paint..
I have smeared tiny amounts on with my fingers, trying not to obliterate the washi tape, but adding colour in the blank spaces. A little white paint blends things nicely, and tones down the stark clashing washi colours so the whole page looks more cohesive. I added a little stamping and printing...
This is the basic background finished.... any doodling and edging will be added after the image/words are in place!
I collaged my weird quirky figure using a mixture of stamped images and hand cut shapes...
Once she was glued in place, it really looked like she was meditating...so I thought the word 'calm' would be a good one to use! I practiced on scrap paper before drawing it on lightly in pencil, then used acrylic ink in a waterbrush to actually write the final version. 'Calm' was SO not the feeling actually using the ink directly on the page!
The washi background shows through wonderfully, giving colour and pattern in a funky but understated way....

So..... there it is, first one of 2015!
Hope you like it!
See you soon,
Trish xxx

20 January 2015

Welcome back after the Christmas break. Thank you for the applications for Design Team, we're loving all of the entries so far and we've had some absolute crackers.

Anyway, getting back to my own blog post, since the new year I've spent a lot of time working in my journal. I think you can tell that my mood has been dark and grungy but even though this isn't my usual style, I've really enjoyed getting down and dirty as it gave me much more freedom to "let go" of certain things.

I adore this Agatha stamp by Magda at Stampotique as her little face really says it all.

In creating my page I've also used, Tim Holtz layering stencils, Dot Fade and Eye Chart.

Don't forget you still have time to enter our DT call so if you're still hesitating, just do it.

Jaine x

19 January 2015

lawn fawn..


Its been a long time since I have done anything creative... don't get too excited just yet though.   Its rare I get chance, but last week we had part two of our Lawn Fawn delivery...and yes.... I pinched stuff. 

As I don't often get time, or the inclination to scrapbook on a 12x12 scale, I prefer to use pocket scrapbooking and have found since doing that I stamp more.  Good for the stamp mountain I own...  

One of the product I have so far liberated from the Lawn Fawn delivery is these round grip acrylic blocks.  They do have a grid, and that is what I love about my Tim Holtz set of acrylic blocks, but these are so much easier to grip making they way more comfortable.   I will still use my tim blocks for larger stamps, but the Lawn Fawn ones are now on my scrapbook trolly!

(the stamp is by Ali Edwards, not available to retailers)

Other products that, I personally have been lusting after, but not yet liberated from the store, are Lawn Cuts. Lawn Fawns dies...  we have the stitched stackables in store and some new scripty dies!

I so wanna go and play! 

07 January 2015


A Sprinkle Of Imagination is on the lookout for a brand new Design Team for 2015!

Are you a scrapbooker, journaller or mixed media artist? 
Do you love creating with papers, playing with paint or getting messy with inks and mediums?
Yes? Then this is the team for you!

We are looking for a dedicated team of crafters who reside within the EU, who will share their amazing creations twice a month on our blog and over social media, using product that can be found in the shop over at A Sprinkle Of Imagination. The DT term will be six months long, from March until the end of August 2015.

In return, we will:
*Promote YOU and your blog on social media
* Give you a £15 ASOI voucher bi-monthly, to spend on supplies for your projects!

 DT members are also entitled to a 10% discount on any regular order they make from ASOI during their DT term.

 Sounds good? We would love for you to join us!
To apply:
Email 3 pictures to us, showing off work that you consider to be typical of your own style, plus links to your blog and any other social media platforms you use when sharing your work.
Email us a short bio, letting us know your style and favourite media to use when crafting.
Please email everything to:
 making sure you include 'DT Call' in the subject line.
The DT Call will be open until February 1st, and we will notify successful applicants by February 8th.

Good Luck!

06 January 2015

12 Designers of Christmas...The Winner!

We absolutely loved sharing all the inspiration and ideas from our guests last month...and it looks like you lot did too! We are so pleased you liked the idea..maybe we'll do it again sometime (when we've caught our breath!)
The only thing left to do is announce the winner of the box of fabulousness..... We put a product from each of the 12 featured brands into a box...and the box will soon be winging its way to...
Drum roll.....

can we drag this out for ages like they do on X Factor.......

doesn't really work on a blog post, this waiting thing........

and the winner is:
Caroline can you email Vicki at:  sales@asprinkleofimagination.com and let her have your address!


Before I go...I just want to tease you a little about a very exciting announcement we will be making tomorrow....
*cough* DT call anyone?! *cough*

Have a fabulous day!