21 November 2013

happy scrappin’

good day to you. 
The last couple of days have been a busy time here with deliveries.  Our Paper & Cardstock section on the website has been steadily growing during 2013 with lots of great papers from the likes of Jenni Bowlin, Graphic 45, Echo Park and Glitz Designs.  A couple of months ago I started to look at Simple Stories, and ordered some for myself a collection kits and some bits and bobs to try. I love the quality of the papers, and as you know if I don't love it, it doesn’t make the shop! You should see my reject bin!

Now, I know I don’t often pop on to the blog to share new products with you. They just usually appear as little pictures over there on the left, but I am so excited about this weeks delivery I had to come and talk about it.

Firstly, on Monday saw the arrival of Daily Grind, the latest collection from Simple Stories. Why did I get it in? Well, I’m a secret “Project Lifer”, so secret I forget myself sometimes, but the whole collection is about the little daily things that happen in our lives. For me that’s just as important as scrapping the big stuff. And if I’m being super honest – I LOVE the sticker sheet!

See – how cool is that?!

The collection is mainly 12x12 papers, ready to cut into 3x4 and 4x6 cards to use in divided pockets. Quick scrapping, love the whole concept.  But the papers are also in a mix of sizes, including regular 12x12, and not just 3x4 and 4x6 as you get with lots of other collections.

So, you have the papers, and we have a “great for project life” section on the website, but there is a big missing.

Albums and Page Protectors.

There are just so many on the market.  Personally I used D-Ring albums.  I have a WRMK album which I got with my first Project Life core kit, and from before my time as a store owner I have several American Crafts albums. All of which are D-Ring.  I used to have a couple of post bound but transferred everything out of them.  So where to start when looking for albums…. I know I wanted 2 sizes, 8x6 and 12x12, and they needed to be sturdy, a range of colours and something quite clean looking. Simple Stories hit the nail on the head for me.

I am blown away by how good looking the Faux Leather albums are. They look and feel great. I love the stitching detail and the little metal corners. I even like the pink one!

Don’t be fooled by this whole “Sn@p!” thing though – it’s just a branding name, they are regular albums and come with 10 page pockets. The 12x12 only has a couple of divided pockets.
The Sn@p! Binders have extra pages in them, chipboard dividers and 10 pocket pages.
If you’re gonna have the albums, you’ve gotta have the page protectors – or pocket pages, you choose what to call them. Anyway, we have a whole bunch for both the 8x6 and the 12x12 albums.

3104  3104
The 8x6 pockets do fit in the 12x12 albums so you can mix up your pages.
AND, as my own stash is stuffed full of American Crafts page protectors I checked, they DO fit in the 12x12 albums. So you don’t have to buy yet another brand because you like a different album.
The upshot of this is… I now have NO EXCUSE to catch up with my scrapping, and I know what’s on my Christmas list this year. At least hubby doesn’t have to go far for these….

Happy Scrappin’!

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