14 September 2014

A holiday memory.

It's been a while but I'm back from a fabulous holiday in Portugal where the main theme was sun, sea and sand. Before the tan fades and it becomes a distant memory I wanted to try and capture a little of the magic.

Now I'm back and I'm pretty sure the holiday will be influencing my work for the next few weeks. In this piece I tried to capture a bit of the sea and even added a few shells brought back from the beach.

The base is simply a piece of cardboard and a few die cut letters.

After picking at the card and sticking on the letters I gave it a quick coat of gesso before my paint layer.

I wiped over some Distress paint in Tumbled glass and stamped the lace border across the letters using  the Lace and Doily set by Finnabair. I love this set and even though the stamping came out unevenly as you can see below, I wasn't too bothered as it just looked like torn lace.

I added the shells and some jute along with a dried piece of coral then wrapped wire and beads around the whole piece for a bit of bling.

It's now a reminder of a wonderful holiday and hopefully will keep me going until next summer.

Jaine x


Judy Williams said...

I'm not sure what happened to my original comment, it disappeared into cyberspace somewhere. What I wanted to say Jaine was how much I loved your beautiful piece of art. It really invokes the feel of the sea. I'm beside the sea at the moment as I'm on holiday in stunning Minorca. I hope I can be equally inspired when I get home again. It would be so nice to have a permanent memory of my time beside the sea too. I'll have to get my thinking cap on! Congrats on such lovely art!

Caroline said...

This is such a creative piece. A really cool rustic feel, totally agree regards distressed stamping, really suits the theme. My favourite part is how you incorporated the beads with wire wrapped around. Gorgeous reminder of yr hols...