21 March 2013

Mini note book

My mini notebook started out as a 12 x 12 sheet of pre scored bank statement paper by Jenni Bowlin. I played around with the score lines which were already in the paper to see how I could make a mini book out of it.

I started by cutting the whole sheet in half. Taking just the top piece, I folded it in half but I then discovered that the folds on either side weren't the same so if I folded these flaps in, which I intended to do, my centre fold would be off. It was then that I came up with the plan to make the spine wider which would enable me to fit lots of pages inside.

I scored and folded 1cm to the left of the centre fold line. If this sounds complicated I've marked it out below.

This side photo shows the spine better.  I punched holes in the front and back covers so I could put rings through. I also used some Tim Holtz washi tape to just strengthen the spine folds and the edges.

Those inside flaps were stuck down top and bottom to create pockets. I took a cheap blank sketch book, pulled it apart and punched holes in the pages. You could simply fold some pieces of copy paper and cut them to size to fit.

I decorated the front with Dylusions  round the edge stamps and finished with the word Inspire made up from the letters and negative spaces from a sheet of alpha's by Jenni Bowlin.

This little book will fit neatly into my travel bag so I can take it with me when I go away next week. Using rings also means that once I've filled it up I can simply replace the pages inside.

Jaine x 


Vee Cassidy said...

Wonderful altered book. Vee xx

Unknown said...

saturday I used this paper on a vanvas and I loved it, now I see this book I adore it. Thanx for sharing I'm going to make ik!


Jennie Atkinson said...

Brilliant!! I have also been looking at my sheet and thinking I wanted to do something with the whole sheet, rather than cut it up. Wonderful inspiration Jaine, thank you!