04 April 2013

Gesso play time.

 I get through buckets of gesso and really can't get enough of the stuff but black is one which I have been keen to experiment with for ages and I think I've found a new love.

Layering white gesso on top of black produces a stunning and dramatic background and here I've added just a hint of colour to lift the page.

I used Claudine Hellmuth black gesso to paint the entire page, then using a foam stamp, plastic lid, bubble wrap and store card, I added the white gesso marks.

I also used a Glitz roller doodle stamp with the gesso and the result was perfect. NOTE: clean stamps thoroughly after using gesso as it'll dry on and be impossible to clean off afterwards. 

I also stamped in black ink for a subtle background image. Next time I might try stamping with more black gesso for a more dramatic effect but I doubt I could do it with a detailed stamp. Here I've used a Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous Artful flight stamp set. 

Claudine Hellmuth mediums come in handy small sets to try out and big bottles if you really want to go mad. Try it for yourself and you'll be pleased with the results.

Jaine x