28 August 2013

whatalotta darkroom door stash!

image from of Darkroom Door

or in English – wow, lots of new goodies still arriving!
Good afternoon all, or good evening depending on when you are visiting the blog.
I just wanted to do a quick post to let you know about the arrival of the new Darkroom Door stamps.
This time there are two completely new lines – Quotes & Eclectic, as well as new designs in the Stamp Sets and Photo Stamps. 
All the new stamps are cling mounted, and the Essentials sets also come in their own storage case.
So, for your viewing pleasure, here’s some of the designs…
 DDQS002  DDQS004
There are six new Quote stamps to choose from.
DDRS119 DDRS118   DDRS122
New Essentials Stamp Sets, with these fabulous Carved Birds by Godelieve Tijskens (there are some fabulous samples using these stamps on her blog).
download (1) download (2)
image sample from Darkroom Door
Lots of new Photo Stamps to choose from.
DDES004  download
The second new range from Darkroom Door are their Eclectic Stamps.  These are a super addition to your stamp collection.
Don’t forget that we stock over 100 unique designs of Darkroom Door stamps, including Background and Frame stamps, as well as the Montage. Photobooth & Photochips!
All I can say now is Happy Stamping!

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