09 November 2013

A tribute to Hundertwasser.

I've just spent 5 wonderful days in Vienna touring art museums, crammed full with fabulous inspiration. It made my head spin with all the ideas and I couldn't wait to get my journal out.
One of the exhibitions we visited was by an artist called Friedensreich Hundertwasser who's paintings were so full of vibrant colour and pattern, I spent ages studying them. This is my tribute to his work.

I started with a basic drawing in the Hundertwasser style using my Sakura Micron pen. 

Next was the fun bit adding the colour in and lots of it. I used Neo Color crayons and had fun colouring in like a child.

I activated the colour with water. The colour becomes more intense and vibrant once you add the water.

Hundertwassers colour is anything but flat so I defined all my edges and lines with more colour and added some doodles on the page. It helps to have a bit of scribble paper to hand in case your pen comes across a patch of colour which is still waxy. 

The phrase reads "The horizontal belongs to nature, the vertical belongs to man" which is one of Hundertwassers quotes.

I added some silver leaf as Hundertwasser would do.

I hope you liked my colourful post. Maybe you can find some inspiration in the work of a great artist.

See you soon

Jaine x


Clare Lloyd said...


Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous.

CreativSpirit said...

Beautiful, love the vibrant colours.

Cocofolies said...

Wonderful and so artistic page, thank you for sharing your inspiration, love it !!

Corrie Herriman said...

Wow, lovely !

kjjc said...

Love hundertwasserhaus in Vienna. This is a great tribute to him. Lovely