31 August 2014

'To Dream Of A Fairy' Art Doll

Yep, me again! Bet you're getting sick of me this summer eh?!
I did warn you... Art Dolls are my favourite thing right now....so here's another one!
Art Dolls can be constructed in as many ways as your imagination can dream up, and with this one, the body is a clear glass vial. I used the largest bottle from the Craft Medley Bottle Set as the body for this one!
I added tiny scrunched up bits of text paper to the bottom of the bottle, along with a sprinkling of turquoise glitter...
I suspended a punched out heart in the bottle, easily done by gluing thread to the heart, then using a needle to thread the other end through the cork. The 'wings' are also easy to construct, I created a triple bow using waxed cord, then simply tied the bow onto the bottle neck. As it's waxed, the cord holds it shape and the loop shapes don't go all droopy!
No apologies for using another Prima Mechanicals Pendant.... these are fast becoming a must have in every project! The medium sized pendant is exactly the right size for the bottle to sit in...
The pendant is great on lots of levels, fab petal shape, very easy to colour with paint, but best of all, it has a hole in the middle! This means its a doddle to use to create the base. I used a thick strand of wire to join the disc of the base and the pendant together. One end of the wire was glued into a hole drilled in the base, the other end was threaded through the hole in the pendant, bent over at right angles and then glued. The glitter/paper layer in the bottle help to disguise the wire, but I did give everything a coat of white gesso under the bottle as well!
The legs are painted paper...
Glued onto the front of the wire holding up the bottle!
The Art Doll face is a Stampotique favourite, the crown is a Stampotique design too!
Stamped onto text paper, glued onto card then cut out. I glued a short pin onto the back of the face, then simply pushed the pin into the cork to secure!
Hope you like her, a few ideas for you to try out maybe?!
See you soon!
Trish xxx


Glennis F said...

Stunning doll, Trish

ForgedinPaper said...

Love this it's such a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

Gio said...

Wow, I'm in awe, it's so darn original this art doll! I have one in mind for months now, I have to give a try!
Thanks for the inspiration!

jasann said...

love this!! will have to try!!!