16 March 2015

The Persistent Dreamer

Do you dare to be a persistent dreamer? I mean this one who never gives up, even when all obstacles seem to be constantly in front of you? That is my opening thought for the first post as a member of DT here!
The dreamer's courage is a focal point for this art journal page. The dreamer stands there, immersed into colourful background of inks, sprays and marks.
The journal page was created in a big, old ledger that I found during one of my car boot hunting sessions. 

After covering the page with Dina Wakley Media Line White Gesso I decided to use my favourite inks to build a very rich background. I have this weakness and secret love for Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay India Inks that I use in many different ways.
On this page first I mixed the ink with water and put in small spray bottles. I used Violet, Aqua and Teal from their range. I decided to start with spraying through some random stencils and covering the whole page. Once the page dried the dreamer's face was created and gentle blending of colours on the face was required to give it more structure. As I am a big believer that any art is a spontaneous act I didn't want to make a face perfect or covered in layers of paint, I wanted the fusion of inks to be visible...I hope you can see that as well.

For the dynamic hair style I used the fantastic combination of Montana Acrylic Markers in Green and White and Posca Paint Pens in Violet and Light Blue. I also drew bits of hair with Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay India Inks by simply using its dropper as a drawing tool.
The finishing touches were stolen from DIY box small parts and bits of old jewellery.

I hope that will encourage you to be a persistent dreamer every day...
Big Hugs!
Honorata – The Dreamer ;)


Unknown said...

I love this page, lots of yummy colours!! xx

Karen said...

WOW!!!!!!! x

Caroline said...

THIS is my kinda journal page! Amazing! The colours & how you have applied them is so groovy. The added bits of jewellery & other parts is something I enjoy doing. Putting India inks in a spray bottle, why hadn't I thought to do this? So jealous of your face. Wish I could draw. Absolutely fabulous, fresh & free feeling page. Being a persistent dreamer is also a cool way to look at how we are. Whenever I think of giving up my crafting, I seem to keep going, "persistently dreaming"? That can't be said for other areas of life. Creating is part of me, despite it not always working out. You have both inspired me & made me consider "stuff". Lol. Thank you! :)

jaine drake said...

Wow Honorata, this is amazing, Love love love. xxxx

Unknown said...

Thank you Caroline. Isn't hat amazing that we open our hearts in art journals and other souls get inspired? Never give up anything as you never know to what wonderland dreams may take you!

Elena Arts said...

wow!!! it is perfect!!! I love it!!! Such a wonderful colors! So many different tones! Congratulations Honorata!