25 November 2015

Black Poppy with Alcohol Inks

Morning, folks!  I've been playing with alcohol inks, and getting them to move over my glossy card using an air duster (a can of compressed air, available from your local computer shop).  

Alcohol inks dry really quickly.  Using a straw will move the ink before it dries but an air duster also allows you an element of control over the shape, so it enables you to build up petal-like layers.

Here's how my flower started off:
A few blobs dropped directly onto glossy card, each one given a little blast of air.  Check out the inky fingerprint!
Add some drops of blending solution in the centre and watch it push the colour out, then introduce greens and blues in the background.
Keep on adding drops of ink, blasting with air.  A gentle blast of air gives you the frilly edges on the flowers (as on the left) and a sharp blast of air gives you the spiky edges (on the right).
You don't have a lot of control over the finished flower, but you get some pretty results!
Looks good in yellow, too!

You can find Adirondack Alcohol Inks, Blending Solution and glossy card here.


Suchi said...

Oh My! Those cards look great..wonderful technique Shirley..thanks for sharing! :)

Craftyfield said...

Me too!! Suchi said it all...

ellenk said...

Definitely inspiring