22 February 2014

Image transfer techniques

 It was whilst trying out some printing without using a gelli plate that I came upon this technique for transferring an image.  I tried this on paper first but found the paper tore but on sticky backed canvas it worked better. Maybe if I'd given my paper a coat of gesso first it might have worked better but I have to experiment further to find out. 

Anyway, I started off with a background of texture paste, (of course, what else would you expect from me?) through a plain old paper doily and some spray inks.

 I chose an image from a magazine of just a head shot and lay a piece of plastic over it. I used one of those clear pockets from a file folder so raid your children's school supplies.

The small bottles of Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints have a very handy thin nib to squeeze paint out of and can easily be used like a pen. I used this to draw the outline of the design onto the plastic.

 I placed the painted image face down onto the background and burnished with my finger.

 I had enough paint left on the plastic to transfer the design onto a journal page although it wasn't as clear.

 For the second transfer technique I used sticky plastic book covering but you could also use clear packing tape. I covered the image with it and burnished well.

 I cut around the image.

I then soaked it in water and rubed off the paper backing. I kept soaking and rubbing until most of the paper had been removed from the back and only the image remained.

 I used some gel medium to glue it in place.

To finish my piece I use my sewing machine to doodle around the edges.

 and stamped some script over the image and added lettering with stickers.

Sticky canvas is great if you don't sew and takes any manner of mediums on top give it a go. I hope you give the transfer techniques a go too, they're easy.

Jaine x


Magda said...

Jaine, this is a fab technique! You are a genius! :)

Le petit monde de Louison said...

Wow!! This is awesome!! Tank you for the technique!!

Debs M said...

what a great idea - looks fabx

maria f. said...

Love both ideas - TFS.

jaine drake said...

Ah thanks Magda. X

jaine drake said...

Your welcome. A simple technique with an interesting finish.

Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

Thanks for sharing this great technique, Jaine! beautiful page!

Caroline said...

Fantastic!! I have done traditional image transfer but using plastic & helmuth paint (I own 1, lol), what a brilliant idea! So effective & love idea of her 'collar' (?spelt). Tfs :)))

Silvia(Barnie) said...

How cool - it's amazing.

Cocofolies said...

Thank you very much for sharing all your tips and techniques of transfer Jaine, you're generous and I appreciate much. Hugs, Coco x

Karin said...

wow this looks fabulous and what a great tehnique!