08 April 2014

a little incentive....

Hi everyone, 
Vicki here, aka "the boss"
 (of everything at ASOI HQ but my kids don't quite believe me! )

Three years ago, almost to the day we (the Royal we) created " a sprinkle of imagination". 
A long held dream of mine. It took us lots of late nights, long hours, bald patches and temper tantrums to make it a reality.  There have been lots of late nights and very long hours to get it up and running and to keep going.  

Believe me when I say that there have been times when I have been ready to say "enough now!" when the frustration levels have hit high on the dial. 

We have been truly blessed by the response we have received in that time.  We have a fabulous set of loyal customers who come back to us time and time again, and every day we get new customers come through our virtual doors.  I personally read every email we get from our customers and am so grateful for the wonderful feedback you give us. 

OK - gushing isn't my style, but there is a point to this.  As a thank you to you, our customers, for your support so far, we have taken the decision to offer a loyalty scheme. 

The scheme starts with orders placed from 7th April 2014 onwards (so yesterday), meaning the first few cards and loyalty stamps are currently winging their way with orders. 

You'll get a card in your first order, and then for each full £10.00 you spend with us (excluding p&p charges), you will get a stamp.  You can trade in your card at either the half way stage for £3.50 or when full for a £10.00 loyalty voucher to spend with your next order. 

You can find more details on how it works on the website here. 

We hope you'll enjoy earning your reward stamps, 
and once again we would like to thank you for your ongoing support & custom. 

Happy Creating!


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