17 April 2014

Power flower - linocut part 1

Hello everyone!
The weather has been fab in last few days! I can't sit and work in my studio that's why I try to work in my garden. Today I would like to show you my flowers. No! No gardening and flowers from my garden. But I used a cutting tool...

This is a very simple print. If you are a beginner it's something which you can make without any problem. If you are still thinking about lino printing but you are not sure where to start next time I will have for you some guides.

The first print is on a white cardstock.

The second one on a background which I prepared before using gesso and Dylusions Ink Sprays.



jaine drake said...

Fantastic Magda. This would look fantastic on a piece of cotton.

Paula Whittaker said...

looks so complicated! love the design though.

Unknown said...

Stunning Magda

I remember as a little girl years and years ago, we did lino carving at school. In those days we had lino on our floors - so getting a waste piece was easy!

I just adore your original take on these prints. I have to confess that mine never came out so cleanly and crisp.

Caroline said...

I am catchng up backwards through posts & just saw Jaine's face stamp. Thought that looked hard but this one has me completely stumped? I must be stupid as I don't understand how you did this. It's totally stunning though! :)