07 May 2014

linocut part 3


Last time I have told you what materials you will need for your first steps in lino cutting. Today I will tell you how to start working with linoleum.

You will need clean and dry area when cutting the linoleum. If you purchased a size of linoleum you wanted you can start your work, if not, cut the linoleum to the size you want ( you will need a cutting mat and a sharp craft knife ).

If you have an idea what image you would like to cut then you win already. For the start use some simply designs.
There are three different ways to start the work.
1. You can use your sketch as your inspiration - drawing a design onto your linoleum using a pencil,
2. Use a black carbon paper to transfer your design onto the lino block,
3. Simply start to cut without any pencil lines in your linoleum.

Remember that it will be a 'mirror image' when you print it!

For some of you linoleum can be to hard. Put the lino block near a radiator or use a hairdryer to soft it. SoftCut is soft already, don't cut it in a full sun ( my mistake ) because the SoftCut will be oily in touch. Not a nice thing and smelly!

Ok, when everything is ready we can start cutting...

There is really only one and most important thing to remember - WATCH YOUR FINGERS WHEN CUTTING! Always cut away from you.
Other things which can help you:
- cut the lino block in small strokes,
- do not cut too deep - if you will need you can always cut more,
- rub out the pencil marks when finished cutting,
- and really obvious - areas you cut out won't print.

When your lino block is clean and smooth you can start printing...next time I will tell you about this.

Magda x

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