17 May 2015

Emotional Art Journaling

Today I am opening for you my mid size art journal page. My mixed media journey started from art journaling and it is still the most favourable part of my creative activity. I can't help it but when open up the book, smell (yes! smell!) the pages and then put the first layer of gesso- the magic simply happens!
My art journal pages are messy, intense, emotional, free and definitely not pretty but they are reflection of life the way it is. This page spread is a very spontanious creation as my room where I keep art supplies is being decorated at the moment and I am simply not able to find anything so had to create from what I found :)

The page started with layer of Dina Wakley white gesso plus some scraps of paper. Then I used two Dina Wakley paints to create the colour part. I used Balckberry Violet and Lapis.To achive  sort of ageing effect I spread paint with the old credit card.

The collage part is the technique I invented a while ago and call "left over collage" - that means that the paper is left after the image is cut out can be used as well- you can see that here as an empty person shape. Even if the image is not full you can add the rest like here by drawing the missing part.

I added some yellow accents by using Color Wash spray in Butterscotch (dropping from the bottle) and black from the Archival Ink range (Jet Black).

I wanted to somehow age the images and used Montana acrylic paint pen in white to make some scribbles, that have to say I quite liked;)

Art Journaling is a free and emotional expression so I hope you like this a little bit crazy lady looking for her soul, that happens to be on the next page...

Wishing you a Happy Art Journaling!


heARTistry said...

Love it. Those colours are amazing x

Astrid Maclean said...

Fabulous spread! Love your empty space collage idea and those colours are stunning! This is so arty, love it!!

Miss Marple said...

A great page! I love it! Have a creative sunday! - Irma

Unknown said...

Love the free feeling about this page, the colours too, and I could just look at it for ages and see something new xx

Caroline said...

Art journal pages are a place where anything goes. They seem to come from a more personal place, I think because we experiment in them? I can see the freedom & expression in yours. The empty face is brilliant, doodling is artsy & dare I say I sense a macabre vibe (she's staring at me, yikes). Everybody sees different things? I just really like that you went with your instinct. Tfs

butterfly said...

Such an atmospheric page, with layers of meaning in the layers of paint and ephemera.
Alison x