20 March 2013

a quick play..

hello, Vicki here, for a very rare pop onto the blog. 

If you've been on our Facebook page you'll know that we took delivery of some new stencils yesterday. That takes us to over 240 in stock!  Anyhoo - I snaffled one (ok - maybe more than one) and had a very quick play so I thought I'd share.  Hope you don't mind! 

 This is Dina Wakley's mini vine stencil from The Crafters Workshop, along with some Bombay India Inks & Golden Fluid Acrylics. I've used the stencil with some modelling paste. 

Now I must dash, more stock to upload to the website!

Happy Creating!!



Paula Whittaker said...

loving the stencil and the colours!

patcrafts said...

Awesome, love the colours and the stencils might have to buy this one

Karin said...

wow great stencil and colors!

maria f. said...

Geez, I see all this gorgeousness and must give stencils and modelling paste a try. Those India inks are oh-so-enticing too.

jaine drake said...

Love those colours Vicki.

SamsHomeCookedDesigns.com said...

I love this, have always loved this pattern, looks great raised and coloured in this way. Sam