20 December 2013

Have a Great Christmas!

For my last project before the big day, I want to share a Christmas themed piece, but not in traditional tones!
Lots of bright colours, and some text shapes as Christmas trees.
I painted the card with bold streaks of colour, then sprized with water and blotted off whilst still wet. This led to a happy accident! The paper towel I was using to blot just happened to be embossed with dots. Some  have squares or other shapes, but this one happened to be dotty. When I gently pressed on the background to blot, some paint transferred itself to the towel, so when I moved it about I was in effect using it as a large stamp! I noticed tiny white dots first...
and then when I looked closer, I saw blue and green dots too!
I may have to look closely at the paper towel design before I buy them from now on!
I gave the background lots of layers, printing and stamping and splatting along with all the paint...
The trees were cut roughly from French text, then sewed on.....yes, you can see where the machine jammed slightly!!!
The trees had spindly stitched trunks, and then a little black printing just to 'ground' them on the page.
A little rub on greeting and it was finished!

Have a fabulous Christmas everyone, and I'll see you back here on New Years Eve with my top three projects of 2013!
Trish xxxxx


Ellie Knol said...

LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, fantastic page, I love it.

Kay Wallace said...

I love the unexpected, and this non-traditional color palette is, indeed, unexpected--but absolutely perfect for this card!!! Your text trees and the stitching are brilliant. Now, as for that imperfection in your stitching? Just reminds us both to embrace imperfection! Merry Christmas to you, too!

Nan G said...

Love the colors! And that dotty, oops, of a background. :) Happy Holidays!

Renee said...

Love the colors but especially the sewing part!

Karin said...

wow this looks fabulous, love it!
Groetjes Karin