24 September 2014

Art.... ingredients and extravagance....

We've recently had a bumper delivery of new products from Finnabairs new range with Prima. 
The Prima deliveries always, but always make me oooh and arrrh, and spend lots of time stroking.

Art Sugar is super super fine granuales of glitter that add a really intense sparkle to projects. You can use them with any liquid glue, or add them to gel mediums, pastes, or even paint. There are five colours to choose from, light pink, black, charcoal, silver and white.  

Next up, Glass Beads.  
If you are a jewellery maker these will be very familiar to you and your beaders needle.  
For the rest of us these tiny glass beads come in 2oz pots 
(not bags to split and go all over... yep, I've been there)

Again there are 5 colours to choose from, all fairly neutral lending themselves to adding dimension and to your projects.  Add them directly to the surface of a project with wet glue or gel medium, or thread them on to wire for accents. 

Mica Flakes... Mica in the form of a flake with a hint of luminosity and sparkle. 
Yep - more sparkle. Its a very sparkly release this one.
These come in 1oz pots, and 5 colours. . 
1oz may sound small but there are a lot of these flakes to an ounce. 

Back to proper glitter again now.. 

These new Art Ingredients Glitter Sets really made me go ooooh when I unpacked them. Now I'm not a glitter girl, but the colours in these sets are stunning. More of a traditional sized glitter, so not as fine as the Art Sugar, each set has 6 little flip top pots, each one being 8 grams.  

And last but by no means least... 

 These are finely cut glass pieces with a luminous, shiny, and sparkly finish. 

We haver also taken delivery of the full Art Basics and Art Extravagence texture pastes and mediums. They will be on the website very soon, so keep an eye on the new in page, or the home page as we will post there are soon as they are online!

 Feel free to email me at sales@asprinkleofimnagination.com 
if you want more info or to reserve some of these products before they hit the website. 


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