25 September 2014

Stuffed Heart!

You may have noticed the heart I created as a sample for the Colour Challenge....
(You didn't??? All the challenge details are HERE!)
Today I thought I would share how I created it!
Finished heart looks like this:

This is a nice and simple way of creating some unique home decor items!
Sketch out a shape on some fabric, then sew around your shape, leaving a gap for stuffing. Add your filling...
I had run out of wadding, so I used dried out baby wipes to stuff the heart! Waste not, want not and all that!
Sew up the gap once your shape is stuffed...
Now, I wanted to paint my stripes straight onto the heart, but as fabric is porous, the paint will bleed out slightly, leaving a blurred edge. I would recommend giving any home decor fabric piece a good coat of gesso before you paint on to it, that way you have a good surface on which to add your painty detail...
Once the gesso was dry, I painted on my stripes..
Yes they are wonky on purpose!
I thought it needed a few extra doodled details...
The embellishment is a chipboard circle, a button, a punched out heart and some dots!
A hole in the top bit is perfect for threading ribbon through, so your heart can be hung up!
I love making these, great for Christmas decorations too!
Have a lovely Thursday!
Trish xxxxxxx


Corrie Herriman said...

What a lovely little heart ! Wonderful Trish !
Corrie x

jasann said...

Love your heart