09 August 2015

Drawing with paint!

I do love it when a new bit of kit comes on the market!
Have you seen the fine tip applicators by Dina Wakely? Don't look like much in the packet, but they're fab!
They come in a pack of two like this:


And you use them like this:
Take your tube of Dina paint:

Unscrew the cap from the paint:

Screw on the fine tip applicator:

The cap of the fine tip applicator then screws off, and you're ready to go:

Notice the pin in the lid? That goes down the tube where the paint comes out of, once the cap is replaced. No clogged nozzles or dried out paint!
Use the tip to draw or even write....

How cool is that?!
When you want to squeeze out colour onto a palette, all you need to do is unscrew the applicator and squeeze directly from the paint tube. Easy peasy.
So.... I made a little something!

I smeared purple paint onto a background to make circles, then used the fine tip applicators to doodle around them!

I used the black paint to draw lines as my stems. Love the random look it gives when you work quickly!

I now have the applicators on all my Dina paints, just because I'm too lazy to wash them through when I change colours!!!!

Have a good Sunday everyone,
Trish xxx

Dina Wakely fine tip applicators and paints can be found HERE.


Katie said...

These look awesome

Karen said...

Wow - I wondered how this was done - thanks for sharing Trish, more supplies and tools to add to the wish list! Karen

Unknown said...

This looks fabulous, and I so want to give these paint writers a try! x