27 June 2013

Scrap, layered, big tag

I really cannot tell you how many layers are on this tag, there are so many I could use it as a door stop! No seriously it's not that bad but there are a few. 

I had absolutely no idea what direction I was going to take this project in so I just went with it and the end result didn't turn out too bad I don't think. 

I started out with one of the massive Ranger tags. These tags are so big they stand alone as backgrounds and make great mini book pages or cards. 

I put it through a wood grain embossing folder for texture and sprayed it with ink and I was initially hoping the spray would work it's way around the embossing and look totally cool but it just wasn't happening, so I covered that up with two coats of gesso. (Two because the first layer activated the ink colour).  I sprayed again this time with two colours of Mr Hueys, Estate Green and Taxi Yellow.  I loved the colour but over the gesso layer it was too bright and swamped the scrap layers on top so I toned this down a bit by scraping over some white acrylic. 

The background still screamed at me but once I'd layered my photo and scrap papers it was looking a lot better. 

Happy thursday, have fun and I'll see you next time.

Jaine x

1 comment:

Paula Whittaker said...

love the tag as a whole but that base embossed tag is super duper.