20 June 2013


I'm sorry to say that this is one of those looong posts with loads of pictures but that's only because I got carried away with the process and wanted to share it with you at every stage! 

It did start as an experiment which I'm happy to report worked a treat, so here it is;

My page started with a coat of black Claudine Hellmuth Studio gesso just for a change instead of white. I wanted to see how other paint colours looked over the top. I also had the idea to create an area of negative space so I die cut a border of birds from a piece of sticky masking tape (you could use something like stick and spray too) and stuck them down to my page. 

With Neo Colors II by Caran d'Ache in my usual favourite colours, I added colour to the background going right over my mask.

I added water to activate the paint in the crayons being careful around the mask so as not to let paint get under the birds. 

Using a Balzar Design Stencil (mini pomegranate) I sprayed water through then used a piece of kitchen towel to lift off the paint. I loved how the black gesso is now peeking through here. Those Neo colors are really shining on the black background too.

To lift the page further I added some marks in white acrylic paint.

I lifted off the mask and woah, I was so pleased at how pretty it looked.  I added some torn pieces of Tim Holtz tissue paper and drew around the circles.

Finally my title "Waiting".  I like to get the most out of my alphabet stickers so I use my negative spaces too.  I also created some borders with some pieces of Glitz Design papers color me happy.

I'm really loving using the black gesso as an under layer and experimenting with what I can use on top, each time I'm amazed.

Happy thursday

Jaine x


thekathrynwheel said...

This looks cool!
I love your technique with the black gesso :-)

Suzy said...

Wow! Stunning, just.love it. Might need to give that black Gesso a try

Jennie Atkinson said...

Great page and super technique. Thanks for sharing the how!

Paula Whittaker said...

love black gesso and love this piece Jaine.

Michelle said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing your process. I love seeing the steps. Have a great weekend!