22 April 2015

Flying bird thing.....!!!

In between all manner of organising, plotting and planning this week (did I mention I'm the new Craft Stamper Magazine Editor?!?! squeeeeeeee!!!), I actually managed to squish in some crafting time. I made a 'thing'............ with birds on!
My rainbow birds are by Tando. I didn't do anything complicated to them, just painted with bright colours. The wing s are separate parts, so these were glued into place before I doodled and added dots...
The birds were glued to some wire that I had coiled by wrapping around a skewer. The wire was then pushed down the centre of a white painted spool. A little cut up book page 'frill' (or grass maybe?) to hide the hole!
I cut lengths of cord, and knotted it around the spool to decorate. I really love how that turned out, will be doing that again!
Some tiny stickers for the word, and it was done!
A bit mad, a bit quirky...just a 'me' thing lol!!
Have a great week,
Trish xxx


Jane said...

Wow Trish many congratulations and you will be an awesome editor. Craft Stamper is a magazine in a class of its own. Love your little bird "thing" x

Redanne said...

Well, if you are going to create a 'thing' what could be nicer than a thing with birds on! The birds are lovely and cheery in their wonderful colours.

Congratulations (again) on your appointment at CS, it is such great news! Anne x

Craftyfield said...

Congrats on your new role at CS!
Very creative make (your birds that is)

Caroline said...

Luurvve your bird 'thing', very creative which is totally YOU! Another round of applause for your new position, wonderful news indeedily!

CreativSpirit said...

I love your birdies, I did comment on your other post, but again congratulations on your new role. So glad you found some time to create amongst the excitement of your new role. :)

jaine drake said...

How cute, I love the colourful birdies. Fabulous make. xx

Karen said...

Love your 'thing' with birds Trish and huge congrats with Craft Stamper job! I have to admit I am a fan of yours anyway so looking forward to seeing you more in Craft Stamper. This is gorgeous and so very inspiring too Karen