16 April 2015

Vintage mini journal

I had a small journal with a hard cover that seemed to be perfect for storing precious words, quotes and poems. However like majority of widely available paper notebooks it had something missing- the character…I am sure that for many of you something that does not look inspiring is simply difficult to look at. So I decided to give it a little more character and vintage feel...This is how it ended up:)

I started with using some vintage papers and Dina Wakley Media Line Gel Medium Tube to cover the whole front cover of the journal. The next step was to add texture by using lace as the stencils and Dina Wakley Media Line White Gesso- that can be seen on both sites of the cover. I used many small scraps of lace to build the middle section and again gel medium as a perfect adhesive!

Then it was the time for some colour to wake up the gentle, vintage feeling. You may be wondering- sprays, inks? And here come surprise! I used Neocolour II and Derwent intense pencil! They are very water reacting mediums and can give you much more control that spraying. So I used them to draw directly on pieces of lace and cover and then sprayed with water! Both mediums combine perfectly with each other as well. I used pencils in Fuchsia colour. When the layer is dry I used pencil/crayon again but this time in dry option to draw some lines and give more coverage.

Last step was attaching a photo of a lady (cut out from a magazine) and using a key ring as a border. I also used Adirondack Dye Ink Pad in Pitch Black to stamp some circles. 

Hope that journal has more character now!



Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

Gorgeous journal cover. I love everything here...layers of texture, colors and embellishments.
Pinned on my board! Love it

Juliz Design Post said...

So beautiful, great inspiration.
Julie x

Craftyfield said...

Very shabby chic, very textural, love it! Must pull out my Neocolours and use them instead of sprays. As you say more predictable!

Alison said...

Beautiful textures and design!

Unknown said...

This is gorgeous!! I love it x

Anneke said...

Beautiful thanks for showing Anneke