28 January 2013

playing with glue

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to show you very interesting technique using all purpose craft glue. I'm not a fan of glue when I'm making cards or layouts. I prefer to use a double sided tape. Why? Please don't lough. Every time I use a glue my fingers are sticky but of course I always forget about this...and after a few minutes my eye is itching and than I have a swollen eyelid. That's why I'm trying to avoid glue but not when I'm working on my mixed media projects! I love using glue because it gives a lovely texture when is mixed with paint.

I can only give you some ideas. This is an easy technique but what effects you can get! There is so many textures when you use glue + paint! Please try different brand glues, different paints – not only colours but also making companies.

Here you can see four different backgrounds. You can paint your surface or decorate it. Whatever you will choose you need to wait and allow it to dry!
For my backgrounds I used a red paint, a Stampotique stamp, a piece of newspaper. I also leave an empty space – you will see for a moment what I'll do with it. Oh, nearly forgot, please remember to use a waterproof ink for your stamp! We don't want to have a smudgy background, do we? For sure, not this time! But you can try maybe you will achieve a great effect. I used Ranger Archival Ink.

I applied a layer of glue with my brush. I did the same on the empty space on my paper.

And now a funny bit! I took a clean brush and applied the paint. The glue need to be wet! Don't allow the glue to dry without a layer of paint!

When you will apply your paint the first crackles will appear very quickly but let the glue and paint dry. You can try to use a hairdryer or Heat It Up! to speed up the effect. Too much hot air in one place and you will have bubbles ( or whatever you call it ) , be careful!
On first three backgrounds I applied the paint only in one direction, on the fourth one I changed directions. It's not a perfect image, when you will try on a bigger size paper, effect will be better.

And one more thing - the thicker layer of the glue the bigger cracks will appear. On top – the thick layer of glue. Bottom – the thin layer of glue.

I hope you will have a lot of fun playing with glue and paint!

This is my project using a lot of glue to make a texture background.

I used:


Trish Latimer said...

Love this Magda! Wonderful painty gluey layers! Thank you for the ideas, off to have a play!! xxxxx

Lauren Hender said...

What a fantastic effect! Looks great.

jaine drake said...

I love this technique, so grungy and perfect for a journal background.

Paula Whittaker said...

A classic technique but a good one. thanks for sharing.

Gez Butterworth said...

Wow! Fabulous seeing your page come together Magda. Great artwork as always xx