24 January 2013

Smashin' style.

A week ago I let you into my art journal and today I'm going to "show and tell" my smash style.

I became fascinated by Smashbooking only a few short months ago but once I'd got my teeth into it I absolutely loved it.  At last I had somewhere to stick all those little bits and pieces I had stashed away and combining my ephemera with scrapbooking supplies gave me so much pleasure.

I experimented with several different styles but eventually settled on the style you see below.

I make my own books from watercolour paper so I'm still able to paint, spray or glue as I would with my journal.  I usually start with a quick spray or wash of paint to add a colour to the page, then I lay out my ephemera and pull out papers and journaling spots from my scrapbooking stash which co-ordinates with the images. (I'm not into the just stick it in, random look.  I need order and design).

I collect a lot of magazine words and phrases in a small box which I use frequently in my smash pages.

Here I've also used magazine images which is another favourite of mine.

On these pages I've used:

See soon

Jaine x


Paula Whittaker said...

I don't really know anything about Smashbooks but after seeing your work think I might have to do a bit of research. Interesting post.

Rachelxx said...

Love your style with this :-)